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“We bring your needs together
with your budget and your budget with efficient solutions.”

Pre-sales Consulting:

Teratek is always in pursuit of finding out the right solution for the end user instead of making the most profitable sales. With years of experience and knowhow, Teratek understands the delicate balance between the end users’ budget and expectations and directs them to most cost effective solutions.

Product supply and sales:

Let Teratek bring you together with the solutions of the world! Teratek easily supplies and sells the needs of the end users from the wide product range of solution partners it works with, and if necessary even from other sources.

System Integration, Comissioning and Training:

Teratek, builds broadcast systems that work perfectly. It provides on-demand system integration, comissioning and training services for each product package. To keep up with the highest technological standards and maximum quality, Teratek trains its innovative team regularly.

After Sales Support:

Teratek aims to be the solution partner of all its customers and supports the end users to cope with all kinds of technical problems they may have after start using the products or systems and ensures them to return to their intended usage without any problems. Teratek ASC company within the group has the Authorized Service Certificate of manufacturers such as Sony, GV, Videndum.